Black Friday… How to Make The Difference in Advertising

By July 1, 2019 November 15th, 2019 No Comments

BLACK Friday it is the Time of the YEAR that:

  • Brands need awareness in order to bring perspective customers
  • E-Shops need conversions in order to increase sale

Statistically based customers that see your brand more than 3 times in digital have the largest percentage to proceed in conversion.
When it comes to awareness and visibility you have to think about the most Premium Mobile and Desktop Advertising of Madin[ad].

  • Benchmark Ad Viewability: 87,8%
  •  Benchmark Αd CTR: 6%

It is inevitable for brands to benefit from this crazy Friday through mobile campaigns where mobile commerce share has exceeded 45% of total e-commercein recent years.

Steps for Advertising Success


1. Choose the ideal target group through a broad audience

2. Be everywhere. Increase your budget in order to have a maximum presence.

3. Be on air EARLIER presenting your brand and change the creatives right before Black Friday with the main campaign message

4. Be Creative in order to increase viewability. Choose the most creative ad formats for mobile or desktop

BLACK FRIDAY means sales.
Do the right Plan, execute it wisely